Twitter bastards. And other stuff.

It’s well late here but I need to rant before I go to bed.

I signed up to Twitter out of curiousity a few months ago, and since then have come across some very smart and funny people (you know who you are…)

But seriously (and I assure you that’s not a Phil Collins reference) the spambots? What the fuck is their deal? I know this isn’t anything new and millions of people have moaned about it before, but I had a (playful) conversation about eating kittens and puppies on there the other night – now would be a good time to close this site if that offends your sensibilities – and yet somehow within 24 hours I was being offered vegetarian diet tips!  Honestly, are there people out there so monumentally stupid that they will actually respond to these pathetic bell-ends?

I know it’s essentially harmless, but there are “celebrities” who go on about how many thousands of followers they have, who if they could be arsed to actually take a look instead of sitting alone massaging their swollen egos would realise that 50% of them are essentially robots who are imploring them to watch fake videos of Britney Spears sucking Fred Durst’s cock.

Now, some of you may think that’s a little harsh. If you’re in that group, I suggest you stop reading this blog, as it ain’t going to get much prettier.

If I come across something I like, I will be positive about it and evangelise (but not in a “knocking on your door thrusting my ill-formed beliefs down your throat like some brain-washed altar boy” kind of way) as if something is worthy of praise, it will get praise.

But trust me, if it gets my goat, you will know about it. Admittedly on a poorly written blog viewed by 20 people (he says optimistically) but hell, it helps stop me picking up a high-powered rifle and climbing a church tower, so all good.

Anyway, that’s all folks!

Straight away I can tell that this is going to be fun – think of yourselves as a long suffering psychiatrist who is happy to listen, and hopefully occasionally nod and guiltily agree.


One Response to “Twitter bastards. And other stuff.”

  1. Bloofer Lady Says:

    Doesn’t it feel good to rant and let it all out?;-)

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