Feel The Love, You Freaks :)

So, despite my infrequent posting I have been given an award as a Kreativ (not my spelling, I’m British, we don’t fuck shit up like that) Blogger. This makes me smile and feel tingly, as I’d rather make one person take notice than have 1,000 say “meh”.

So, here’s what I am supposed to do as a result – and I’m feeling compliant and friendly, so here goes:

1:  Thank the person who nominated me

Well Bloofer Lady from Horror Crypt, this is a big thank you – your site and your writing has been an inspiration to me in the short time I have been familar with it. I have Twitter to thank for discovering you and so many incredibly cool people, which considering my main reason for not being on Facebook is / was “I have plenty of ways to waste my time on the internet thanks very much, I don’t need another life-consuming one” is, I admit, slightly ironic. Fuck it, I’m a man of contrasts 🙂 Anyway, I digress – Bloofer Lady, you have been a great supporter and a friend, and I wish you well with your site and everything – and no matter what some needledick twats write on your Formspring, you’re not a cunt, really 😉

2: Copy the logo and place it on your blog


3: Link to the person who nominated you for this award

Been there, done that.

4: Name 7 things about yourself that people may find interesting:

1) I have been an usher at a Broadway performance of  Twelve Angry Men, attended by a New York governor, after which I shook the hand of the man who played Sean Murphy in HBO’s Oz.

2) Despite my being an IT manager at my work, and therefore technically a geek, I know surprisingly little about the basics of computers and often rely on Google and the ability and willingess to dig around for answers. This is called bluffing, and many people you know who claim to “know about computers” use this method. Trust me.

3) I used to be a “born again Christian”, from the age of 9 to 21. I left when I realised that, when someone translated the “speaking in tongues” that I had just done despite my having made it up for effect (and could do it just as realistically on cue now, trust me) maybe, just maybe, it was bullshit.

4) I lost my virginity at a disgracefully old age (thanks, blinkered and repressive Christian upbringing!) to a married Swedish lady in a hotel room on the island of Jersey.

5) My parents let me watch Lucio Fulci’s “The Beyond” when I was 9 years old. This had something of an effect on me. I had to run away to my bedroom after 10 minutes as it was too much. It took me over 20 years to get hold of a decent copy after that (thanks, crappy British censorship laws and DVD players that weren’t multi-region) and when I did finally re-watch it, it was in daylight. This is now one of my favourite films, and I watch it on a regular basis. I love(d) my parents, they let me watch hideously inappropriate films, and it did me no harm *coughs*

6) I would kill for the people who mean the most to me in my life. I have never been in a fight, never truly lost my temper, but if you hurt one of the few who are truly special to me, I promise you that you will not get away with it. 🙂

7) When I was a child, my older brother told me that if I stood on a particular spot in the garden, lemonade would shoot up and I could drink all I want. This was a lie. It was an ant’s nest. I got covered in ants. Despite this, my brother is one of the people to whom 6) applies 🙂

Well, that was fun! …and now on to:

5: Nominate 5 Kreativ (that spelling still makes me bristle) bloggers – these people may have already been nominated, and it’s getting late so I’ll try to get to seven, but here goes nothing:

1) http://www.horror-extreme.com/blog/ Unquestionably one of the funniest and sickest people I have met on Twitter. That alone should be enough to make you click the link. This man knows his sick horror, and should be lauded for this.

2) http://horrordigest.blogspot.com/ Well written, funny and intelligent reviews – one of the first horror blogs I came across, and one that I read on a regular basis.

3) http://www.dayofwoman.blogspot.com/ Smart, intelligent and witty opinions on  all aspects of horror from a female perspective. This is one of my favourite blogs, and and it is well worth a visit – a fangirl (her words!) with something to say, highly recommended.

4) http://nice-chianti.blogspot.com/ This smart lady balances being a poor student with writing some very well observed film opinions, and organising horror events at the same time. She has other blogs as well, so click on the link for more info.

5) http://thevaultofhorror.blogspot.com/ Another truly great blog, 100% recommended – anyone who live tweets Cannibal Holocaust will always have a place in my heart 🙂

6) http://www.screamstress.com/ The Screamstress was one of the first people to reply to me on Twitter and make me think it might be worth looking into this whole horror blogs thing a little deeper. An early inspiration, and well worth checking out.

7) http://www.paradiseofhorror.com/ Like the above, one of the people I first discovered on Twitter, and as a result plundered many of my followers from 🙂 A true horror enthusiast who really knows his stuff, from old to new.

If I’ve missed you I am truly sorry, but remember this: Approximately 8 people will read this, so I don’t think it will have a major effect on your hit counter 🙂

6: Post links to the 7 blogs…blah, blah, done that above.

7: Leave a comment on the blogs you have nominated. 

Tch! More work. Well, since you’re all so worth it I guess I’ll go ahead and do that now. …or maybe in the morning.

….and that’s that! Peace, out 😉


One Response to “Feel The Love, You Freaks :)”

  1. Bloofer Lady Says:

    Thank you for not thinking me a cunt and for being a very cool friend. 🙂

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