Horror Blogging: An outsider’s view


Well, hasn’t it all kicked off recently in the world of horror blogging / reviewing / writing / thinking / whatever the hell label you choose to use-ing!

As a rank amateur looking in, and someone with a good number of horror blogs and sites in my Favourites (hey, America – it’s spelt with a “u”!) here are my thoughts. …which, as a human, are equally as valid as someone with a horror site that attracts 100,000 hits a week. It’s called democracy people, deal with it 🙂

How about everyone agrees some completely reasonable, self-respecting and grown up standards, then we can all move on? For example:

1) If you review films, write what you personally think about the film, whether it is positive or negative. This one seems like a no-brainer to me.

2) If you choose to only write positive reviews: Hey, that’s fine! Just don’t lie, and your soul will not be tarnished.

3) If you prefer to concentrate on what is wrong with a lot of films: Hey, that’s fine! Just don’t lie, and your soul will not be tarnished.

4) If you decide you will write about films whether you like or dislike them: Hey, that’s fine! Just don’t lie, and your soul will not be tarnished.

5) If your reviews are in any way influenced by promises of cash, jewellery, free passes, or oral sex from aspiring actors / actresses: Your soul is tarnished.

Wow, this seems surprisingly easy! Sometimes I wonder what all the fuss was about 🙂

Listen, I love that bloggers and reviewers are passionate about their subject – that is what I want and expect, and what gets you added to my Favourites. …but if you can’t take a contrary opinion, then maybe the internet is not the best place for you to be. It’s scary out there, some people post their honest and open opinions, and sometimes, damn them, they don’t agree with you. The bastards.

Don’t get me wrong, if someone gets personal in a comment or response, they deserve to be rectally impaled and left spinning on the barbed pitchforks of Satan’s minions for all eternity. However, if all they say is “I disagree, this is my opinion” and make a reasoned argument, then this is surely a good thing, yes?

Many more talented and experienced writers than me have posted on this subject in the last week or so, and I applaud all of them. Because I like the concept of Freedom of Speech 🙂

In conclusion, in the words of John Lennon: “Why of course I’ll sign your book Mr Chapman, to who should I make it o…”

Oops, wrong quote 😉


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