Son of a bitch was right. She tastes like a peach.

It’s been a while, and for that I apologise – but I hope  this will help make up for my absence 🙂

You all know the format by now – I take something I love (Robocop) or hate (Trolls) and disect them in numbered paragraphs. Well guess what? It’s that time again – and this time, it is my equal first favourite film of all time.

True Romance.

I have loved this film since I first saw it in a local “cinema” when it was released – I say “cinema”, as it was more a theatre in the leisure centre, but I knew right then and there that I had seen something that would stay with me for life.  This was back in the day when cuts to cinema releases were pretty common, so it was a while until I saw it in all it’s uncut glory, but even then. Wow.

So, here’s the breakdown – I could make this 25 paragraphs long, but I know what attention spans are like these days – the reasons why this film is, and always will be, up there with Robocop as the best thing I have ever seen.

1) Alabama

No words can do justice to this picture.

Sweet Jesus. Never has a character in a film made me want them so much. Patricia Arquette in this film ticks every goddamn box known to man, and then finds some new ones that most men never even realised existed. It’s difficult to do Alabama justice – I don’t know if it’s the misguided innocence, the pure coquettishness, or just that scene in the phone box 😉

The devotion to her man, the vulnerability, the ability to go fucking nuts when threatened and kill Tony Soprano – if I ever met a lady like this, and was lucky enough to share a piece of pie with her after a Sonny Chiba movie, I would never, ever let her go. Part of me wanted to insert a romantic clip at this point, but I know this is what you lot want to see – never say I’m not a benevolent man 🙂

2) Drexl Spivey

Now I know I'm pretty, but I ain't as pretty as a couple of titties

Wise words 😉

I’ve always been a fan of Gary Oldman, but to me this is possibly his finest moment. Yes it’s a cameo, but to take on and not fuck up a role as insanely stereotypical as this takes some bollocks. Imagine if some young aspiring American “punk” actor had decided to make this his calling card? The horror…

It’s as much the abilty to flip from evil benevolence to sheer mad violence in a heartbeat as the innate sense of power and control over his underlings that make this character so memorable.

…and it takes a gunshot to the nuts to put him on his back. Again, I was tempted to put the early motel scene with Samuel L Jackson in, but I know this is what you want to see:

3) This scene

…come on, you know which scene I mean – this one:

I have sung the praises of various film scenes in previous posts, but for sheer cinematical genius and acting performances, this takes the fucking biscuit. Yes you can throw your Godfathers and Day Lewis scenes at me, and they all stand up, but really? Is there a better written and performed 10 minutes than this anywhere? In the week that Dennis Hopper shuffled off this mortal coil (I’m not going to make any allusions to heaven, angels etc. as they are fictional, and even if they weren’t he would be bored off his tits up there) it only seems fair to pay tribute to what I believe is one of the finest scenes in which he ever acted.

…and this is before even mentioning Christopher Walken, one of my favourite actors. I can watch this scene again and again, and never grow tired of it. The writing, the acting, the direction – every single fucking thing about this makes me feel blessed to have experienced it 🙂

4) Floyd

…seriously, have you actually looked at the cast list for this film? …and if you have, is there a single film with a better ensemble? A “young” Brad Pitt shows up as one of the best stoners in movie history, possibly having gone method to get into the role (hello lawyers!) and steals all two scenes in which he rocks up 🙂

I had only recently discovered the joys of earth’s finest plant when I saw this film, so could empathise and associate with Floyd. To a degree. Admittedly I had never been visited by violent gun-toting gansgsters, but I had lain around on the couch getting high quite a lot. I tell ya, it’s a thin line between me and Brad Pitt *cough*

5) The Love

You probably didn’t expect that, did you? Whilst I can watch this film in all states of mind, I enjoy it the most when watching it with a significant other. I wanted to re-watch it again before posting this but it didn’t feel right, but I can still appreciate and comment on how it makes me feel at my best times.

There is, of course,  the roller coaster ride love of Clarence and Alabama, which sits centre stage and tugs at the heart strings all the way through the film (in no small part thanks to some excellent soundtrack and incidental music choices), but there is more than this.

There is love between Clarence and Clifford (his father) expertly and subtly played out by Dennis Hopper and Christian Slater in their brief minutes together.  Yes there is understandable resentment, but these two men have a bond and the ties are still there until death.

There is love between Clarence and Dick Ritchie. Clarence can call upon his old friend in his hour of need (actually, need is an interesting term when you have a smoking hot girlfriend and a suitcase full of cocaine, but you get my point)  as the man he can go to when he needs shit to happen, and fast.

There is clearly love between Lee Donowitz and Elliot, spectacularly fucked up and disloyal as it may be.  Hmmm…this is a difficult one to justify, but hopefully it at least gets you thinking 😉

…and as for Nicholson / Dimes? Yes it’s a bad pun, but it still makes me laugh as many people never even realise it exists 🙂

Anyway, enough from me. Basically, this film is and always will be a key item in my life. I could never do it justice, and don’t think this post even comes close, but hopefully you have already seen it and maybe this will make you want to watch it again. I have missed out so many things that make me love this film, but this is neither the time nor place for 5,000 word essays.

I will leave you with this, because is makes me melt a little inside

…and remember:

“That’s the way romance is… Usually, that’s the way it goes, but every once in awhile, it goes the other way too” 🙂


4 Responses to “Son of a bitch was right. She tastes like a peach.”

  1. piratebish Says:

    I swear this is true, before I ever knew you, or read this post, i have always related to Alabama as a person who’s had it rough and is simply trying to navigate through this fucked up world, and I really am alot like her in many ways. So I hope that one day we can get a piece of pie and talk about a movie we have just seen. That would be an awfully good day. So, how much like Clarence are you? Would you kill or die for the woman you love? In my heart I already know the answer…

  2. dpm74 Says:

    Thank you, I think there are probably some similarities….

    I’ve always thought I would kill for someone I love. Thankfully to date I haven’t had to put my money where my mouth is, but I’ve always stepped up to defend when I’ve thought it right, and will happily go on the attack – it can be quite fun 🙂

  3. piratebish Says:

    you removed the clips….WTF!?
    *socks you in the arm*

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