Thanks for keeping me sane

Just a quick post, mostly lacking in caustic humour and the use of the word “sweet” for a change 🙂

Those of you who know me well may well know or have realised that I have had a quite spectacularly shitty month or so. I’m not going into details because there is no need, but it’s been hard at times. (you are allowed to snigger at the phrase “it’s been hard”)

You may also know that I use Twitter a fair old bit. This post is for my friends and followers with whom I interact and chat. Sorry random strangers, you won’t get much out of this.

First things first, not wanting to blow my own trumpet (again, it is acceptable to snigger childishly at that) but I am quite a good actor. On the surface, I have been laughing, joking and swearing as usual, because I’m not one to bare my soul in public. …yes I realise saying that in a blog post could be considered ironic, but as mentioned earlier there will be no details.

What I really want to get across is that you guys and girls have kept me sane through this, probably without realising it, just by being yourselves and chatting with / entertaining me. If you’re reading this, and we follow each other on Twitter, then you know who you are – I just want you to know how valuable your input  has been (hmmm…that sounds so clinical. I think you get my point) and sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough.

That’s all, no drama, I just thought you deserved a thank you 🙂


3 Responses to “Thanks for keeping me sane”

  1. marixa Says:

    Youre welcome,i consider you a good friend in spite of the distance,so whenever you need to talk or to bitch im here,on twitter whale world:)

  2. toxicdeath Says:

    You are welcome even though I don’t think we have spoken this month. I know that the people on twitter keep me real I feel disconnected from my world if I don’t even get to read a page of tweets for a couple of days.

    Well that makes me sound sad and worryingly OCD anyway I know the joy of friends on twitter.

  3. piratebish Says:

    I hope the coming year is better for you! Looking forward to many more chats, and watching loads of grisly good horror films together!

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