Potential DVD Giveaway Frenzy Madness!!!

Hello you good people, and hello you bad people.

For various reasons (Forthcoming Blu-Ray upgrade, greed, occasional badly judged purchases) I find myself with a number of superfluous DVDs. All legitimate store-bought discs, mostly Region 2, mostly horror but also some comedy and other random genres.

But no musicals. Don’t like musicals. Except funny or gory ones.

Anyway, I digress. Rather than hold on to these discs or be arsed to use ebay, I thought I might start giving them away to Twitter followers in random competitions.

Many of you will already own them, so this might turn out to be a spectacular waste of time – but hey, bearing in mind that I’ll be doing it on Twitter I hardly think that will be an issue 🙂

So, keep an eye out on Twitter @dpm74 over the next few weeks for random competition questions to win free second hand DVDs that you probably already own.

…I’ll admit, marketing was never my strong point.


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