January 2010 – High Hopes, Japanese Torture, and A Sleepy Mouse

Soooo….January. Shit, that was a long time ago, how the fuck am I supposed to remember that? Well, thanks to a combination of .avi file creation dates and a (sparsely filled) reminders book, I think I can just about cobble something together so here goes.

 Stuff that happened (or didn’t happen) 

The year actually started quite well for a change, had a good thing going on personally and was (cagily) optimistic about the year ahead.

Fool that I am. 

Anyway, it was actually quite a quiet month, more one of plotting and preparing than actually doing. However, this wasn’t as dull as it sounds, as it was in January that the seeds of going to the Ghouls On Film festival in Birmingham in February were sown. I’m going to take a random stab in the dark that it was a drunken night on Twitter (this may be a theme you see recurring as these posts go on…) and the encouragement of ne’er do wells such as @HorrorExtreme, but before I knew it flights were booked and my first (mini) holiday of the year was on the cards 🙂

 This also precipitated the ordering of a new passport (having accidentally put my last one through the washing machine – note to readers: don’t do this), and also what has fast become one of my favourite new material things – my lovely little netbook.

Ooh, shiny!

 Aside from that, I basically appear to have done fuck all. Oh, I went to my ex-girlfriend’s birthday cocktail night (not as exciting / sexy / bitter and twisted / tearful as it may have sounded) and did some Anti-Money Laundering training at work. Because I live in a highly reputable offshore finance centre, so we have to plough through that shit on an annual basis.

Ooh, and I found a live mouse sleeping snugly in a jumper on my bedroom floor one Sunday morning when I’d fallen asleep the night before with the heating on. He looked so peaceful as I popped him in the oven gently carried him outside and released him, I do hope he wasn’t immediately eaten by a cat. Really, I do! I may be an equal opportunities carnivore, but I love the little buggers while they’re alive 😉

I promise I didn't eat him

 Films and things that I (and maybe you) watched 

There’s a certain amount of guesswork involved here, but I’m pretty sure January brought with it (for me anyway) the end of Dexter Season 4. In fact, I’m certain of that one as now I remember I finished it in bed on New Year’s Day sporting a hangover of quite legendary proportions, which made me shed a little tear at the end. Feel the vulnerability. 

Could be wrong about this one, but I think it was in January that I watched all of True Blood Season 1, and started on season 2. Needless to say, I am now hooked and have started reading the books on which the series is based. 

Film wise, January included Paranormal Activity (not a bad film at all, just a shame about the relentless hype machine that preceded it), The Final Destination (massive guilty pleasure films for me, every last one of them), and Gurotesuku a.k.a. Grotesque.

This last one was more out of curiosity as I believe it was one of the first to be banned by the BBFC (as in actually submitted for a release and turned down) for a while. It’s not really very good, but if you like Japanese torture films for Japanese torture films sake i.e. are a little bit wrong, then you’ll probably get at least a semi-on (or suitable lady equivalent depending on your erogenous zone(s) of choice) by the end.

…and finally, Header. Loved by some, hated by others, it’s a difficult one to describe without giving away the main “plot” device, but let’s just say it has nothing to do with football, and does involve penises. Erect penises. And drills (or was it hammers? I’ve genuinely forgotten).

Trust me, the view of the back of her head is worse...

Twittery Bits

…because I only “publicise” this blog on there, and it will as a result only be read by people on there. …oh, and because it’s a life-consuming behemoth that has indirectly brought me to the heights of happiness and the pits of despair in just over 12 short months 🙂 

Again, this is sketchy at best, but I think I first “met” and communicated with the following people of note (to me anyway) in January: 

@ItsMikeandIke – The entertainment gurus for the new millennium, two gents who have provided me with much laughter since the fateful day I asked someone “who are Mike and Ike?”, and got directed away from budgies and sweets (candy) and instead to stoner critics 🙂

@MrsSelfDestrukt aka FionaTroma, PrettyHate666, PrettyHate667, and probably some that I have forgotten. As a sweary drunk person, she is a true inspiration (and also quite nice, though she’ll probably deny that) 

@SmuckersTheDog – A lovely, if somewhat farty beast. The first, but not the last animal I have chosen to speak to. I am a grown man in his 30s. (ooh, and I just had a massive deja-vu when typing that bit – for real!) 

@StoneCypher – Not entirely sure about this, but I have a feeling it was around January. Since then, this young lady has a 100% hit rate at getting me to horror festivals that she organises or helps organise. …and I have had a bloody great time at both (see forthcoming February and November posts) 🙂 

In Conclusion 

So, overall quite a quiet month but hopefully some of that rang a few bells with some of you. As mentioned in the previous post, this is really as much for my own benefit as your “entertainment”, but I hope you come back for the remaining posts – I promise I’ll crowbar in some celebrity gossip if it will keep you coming back for more, as I’m essentially baseless and shallow. Maybe I’ll start by detailing that evening I spent with Molly Sugden, two poodles, and a large tube of toothpaste…. 

Wait! Come back!


2 Responses to “January 2010 – High Hopes, Japanese Torture, and A Sleepy Mouse”

  1. piratebish Says:

    one question: were they toy poodles? or the really tall ones… it does make a difference. (=

  2. dpm74 Says:

    I’m afraid you’ll just have to keep reading to find out 🙂

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