February 2010 – Bumwolves, Videos, and a Meeting of Great Minds

Well, January wasn’t too difficult in the end, so I guess I should stick to the formula, right? Here goes then 🙂

Stuff that happened (or didn’t happen)

Whilst many things (probably) happened in February, one weekend stuck out like Gary Glitter’s withered old tadger on school sports day: 19th – 21st.  Not so much for the (very entertaining and thoroughly recommended) mini-festival that was Ghouls on Film (see Films section further down) but more for the highly intellectual *cough* weekend I spent with @HorrorExtreme.

After a few (!) pints to get over the whole “how weird is this?” situation of actually meeting up after nothing but drunken Twitter banter and approximately two e-mails, we soon settled into a weekend of heavy drinking and film watching. The Friday is admittedly a little hazy, but we managed to get to Birmingham on the Saturday for the festival, where I first (albeit briefly) met @stonecypher and @Hellbound_Heart, and said hello to Emily Booth. Look, I’m easily pleased, ok?

Celebrating Women in Horror #quigleytits

Anyway, on to the Sunday. After a quiet, sober weekend watching a couple of films, it was wine time. The best time, in my opinion 🙂  Now, I can’t remember the full genesis of this, but somehow the night descended (ascended?) into video battle with @VagVikernes (or @kvltovhole, as I believe he was known at the time…). I believe the first video was Joel imitating Steve:

Such an innocent face for such a sick filthmonger

Sadly I can’t find Steve’s response video, but within half an hour or so I had posted my first (and only) video of me in response:

Clothes are model's own. ...except the hat

In all honesty, this was one of the most fun nights I had this year, so big thanks to both the other participants for aiding and abetting 🙂

Anyway, other stuff that happened in February (in summary): I became chairman of my local film society – my respectable side, which I do actually take quite seriously – plus it allows me to crowbar inappropriate horror films onto the schedule a couple of times a year.

The New Orleans Saints, who I have followed since I saw them play in The Superdome in 2004, won the Superbowl! Naturally that involved me staying up until around 5am to glory in it, and it was a fine night 🙂

Valentine’s Day – generally an utter bumhole of a day to be single, though technically I sort of wasn’t this year but still ended up spending the evening with a motley band of friends watching Heathers – which, by the way, is the perfect Valentine’s Day film – fact.

Films and things that I (and maybe you) watched 

Again, elements of this are mild guesswork, but I know for sure that I watched The Wolfman because I blogged about it here http://bit.ly/a8qudB  and thought it was ok overall. I also saw The House of the Devil, which I very much enjoyed and need to watch again – a good slow burner with a great 80s feel to it.

As mentioned earlier, Ghouls on Film served up some good stuff, none more so than The Soska Sisters’ Dead Hooker In a Trunk. This was a real blast, highly entertaining and I believe it was the European premier showing. This film has recently re-surfaced with a different edit (shown at Abertoir 2010, but missed by me as it was in the morning…) and hopefully will get a wider audience this coming year – seek it out!

If you don't find this sexy, you may be on the wrong blog

 Finally in the film section, I also saw Triangle. Hmmm….I think it was really good, but it was a bit of a headfuck, right? 

 Twittery Bits

This bit’s really difficult as I don’t have much to work with, but I think I first chanced across these fine people in February:

@nathanhead A top bloke and one of the actors in the Mark Macready horror short  that found massive success this year. Regularly makes me laugh, and deserving of more success in the coming year(s)

@marixalilith If I ever want someone to threaten me with spanking or other similar violence, but it to be someone I actually like talking to with good taste in films, then this is the lady 🙂

@Jesus_M_Christ I was told that I’d found Jesus as a child, but that one was clearly an imposter, as this guy’s the real deal.

I think that’s all on that front, though one person on Twitter started being a cunt to someone who meant a lot to me, which meant that March was WAAAAAY more fun on the site – but you’ll have to wait for that 🙂

…and, more importantly, I changed my username from @davidmcggsy to @dpm74. Those who were following me back then will remember the Bumwolves fiasco and how I VERY nearly changed my name to @bumwolves, but thankfully sobered up in time and had one solitary good influence who persuaded me otherwise 🙂

In conclusion

So, quite a fun month overall. Things were generally still going  well, I had my first (brief) holiday off the island, and watched some good films. I’m still awaiting clearance on the celebrity filth I promised last time, apparently lawyers are still checking the authenticity of the video I have of Just** Bieb** fellating a capuchin monkey. Ah well, maybe next time eh?


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